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This page outlines how to take part in Chapter Chat. 


Your first step is to register for Chapter Chat. Chapter Chat has become so popular that registration is offered to the classes that have taken part in the past first. If there is any spots left over it will be opened up on our Facebook Page.

If you miss out on a spot and wish to take part, send me an email and I'll add you to the waiting list.

Classes that have successfully registered will receive a confirmation email.

If you register for a Chapter Chat and then can no longer take part please let me know. That way I can let another class join in. Classes who do not inform me will not be considered for Chapter Chat's in the future.

Once you have registered please read the information below carefully. Everything you need to know to take part in Chapter Chat successfully is outlined below. Classes who do not follow these guidelines will be removed from Chapter Chat.


The first thing you need to do is create a class twitter account. Twitter is free and you can join by clicking here. You will need one twitter account per class. All students can log in to the one account and tweet from it.

When setting up your class twitter account remember to set it to PUBLIC. If your account is set to PRIVATE, no one will be able to see your profile or tweets.

To access twitter on your laptop you will need to go to the twitter website. To access twitter on a iPad you will need to download the twitter app from the app store.

It's always a good idea to come up with a cool class twitter name. Something that will make your class easily recognisable.

Next you need to fill out your class profile. Your profile needs to have a photo, information about your class, your teacher's name and the name of which Chapter Chat you are taking part in (Y5/6 or Y3/4 Chapter Chat 7). This information lets the other classes know who you are and helps them to connect with you. The reason you need to state which Chapter Chat you are taking part in is it shows your account is current and that other classes should follow you.

Having your profile filled out is important and classes who do not complete this step will not be allowed to take part in Chapter Chat.

The next step is to teach your class how to use twitter. Make sure they know all about sending a tweet, timelines, replies, likes and retweets. It's always a good idea to model this and get the kids to practice prior to their first chat. We never use HASHTAGS during the chat as they can attract spammers.

Before taking part in the twitter chat make sure all your laptops and iPads are logged in to your class twitter account. The chat can be busy and the last thing you need is to waste time on devices that are not set up correctly.


Your next step is to follow the classes that are taking part in your Chapter Chat. For example if you are taking part in Chapter Chat 3 then follow classes who say in their profile that they are taking part in Chapter Chat 3 as well. To do this go to the Chapter Chat twitter account and click on FOLLOWING in my profile.

You do not have to follow everyone who is taking part in your Chapter Chat. During the chat all the tweets of the classes that you follow come up on your timeline. Your timeline can become very busy during the chat and kids can find it hard to keep up. The way to avoid this is to not follow too many classes.  If you are new to Chapter Chat then I advise you to follow 20-30 classes. If you are an experienced tweeter then 30-50 is a good amount. Pick the classes that you would like to make a connection with.

It is very important that you make sure you are following @ChapterChatNZ for the Y5/6 Chapter Chat and @ChapterChat3_4 for the Y3/4 Chapter Chat. If you don't follow them then you will not see the questions.

Remember to only follow the Chapter Chat twitter account that you are taking part in. If you follow both you will end up with 2 sets of questions on Friday. This will be a nightmare!

Also if you notice @ChapterChatNZ or @ChapterChat3_4 is not following you then contact myself or Mark and let us know.  If we are not following you then we will not see your class tweets.


Tweetdeck is an awesome app/website to use on your laptop when taking part in Chapter Chat. It allows you to put all your tweets into columns. On my Tweetdeck I have a column for classes I'm following (Home), a column for @ChapterChatNZ, a column for my class @PalmySquad and a column for notifications. To set up a column go to Tweetdeck and hit the + symbol on the sidebar.

You can download the Tweetdeck app by going to the App Store on your laptop or login directly by going to the Tweetdeck website.


Read the weekly chapters to your class and try and complete the weekly tasks. The Reading schedule for each Chapter Chat can be found on the Chapter Chat Blog and the tasks and questions are posted every Friday night.

Tasks are set as a guide. You do not have to complete them and you are free to make up your own.

If you have completed a task and you want to share it with everyone you can at any time. Most people share their tasks on Friday during the chat but you can share them during the week too. If you share your task during the week make sure you tag @ChapterChatNZ or @ChapterChatY3_4 in your tweet. That way we will definitely see it.

Before the chat it is a good idea to go over the questions with your class. Unpacking the questions beforehand will lead to better quality tweets.

Chapter Chat is about books but it is also about learning to write good sentences. Before taking part in the chat please go over with your class the 'What makes a quality tweet poster'. Tweets with GIF's and silly pictures are not acceptable. Classes who consistently tweet silly things will be blocked from the chat.

Cyber safety is extremely important part of Chapter Chat. Prior to the chat please talk to your class about acceptable behaviour on-line.


The twitter chat is on every Friday at 10-10.55am. Both the Y5/6 and Y3/4 versions take part at the same time.

During the chat watch the timeline for the questions from @ChapterChatNZ or @ChapterChat3_4. The first 10 minutes is dedicated to task sharing and then questions are posted every 5 minutes after that. Every Chapter Chat Question has the Question Time Poster attached to it so they are easy to see.

It is a good idea to put Tweetdeck up on your big screen in class so everyone can see the different columns. This allows kids to easily see the Chapter Chat questions.

Kids can tweet by themselves or in small groups. In my class I buddy up kids who need a little more support.

Also every time a Chapter Chat question comes up I stop the class and read it out aloud to them.

During the chat kids can LIKE tweets that they think are great. RETWEETING tweets is not allowed as it makes it hard to know which tweets are new and it also clogs up the timeline.


Go back over your class tweets and highlight great tweeting!

Check the Chapter Chat Blog and Facebook page to see which tasks have been chosen as examples of awesome work!

With so many tweets and tasks it is impossible to share them all on our blog and Facebook pages. I will just pick the tasks that stand out and are completed to a high standard.


Hopefully all of the above makes sense to you. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact myself for the Y5/6 Chapter Chat or Mark for the Y3/4 Chapter Chat and we will do our best to help!

You can contact me by emailing stephen@russellst.school.nz or contact Mark at marklo@wellsford.school.nz

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