Mission Statement

Chapter Chat stands for a number of things and I started it for a number of reasons. Here's what we believe and would like to see.

Chapter Chat is primarily for Year 3/4's (7-9 year olds) as that is the age range I teach. If you want older books this is not for you!

- The main focus for Chapter Chat is to foster a love of books! Chapter Chat is about books!

- I started Chapter Chat as a way to get my kids to connect with others. It's not about having tonnes of classes take part but about a few classes connecting with each other.

- Chapter Chat is about an audience! Kids love having an audience for their learning and one of our goals is to provide it!

- Chapter Chat is a place where kids can learn about Cyber Safety in real time. It teaches kids how to behave in an appropriate way on-line.

- Chapter Chat believes in quality writing. Tweeting is not just for fun but a place where we can practice and develop our writing skills.

-  I believe in good organisation and high standards. Our aim is to provide this in Chapter Chat!

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