About Us

Welcome to Chapter Chat, a Twitter Book Chat for New Zealand kids. The twitter chat is based around a chapter book which is read aloud in class. 

The twitter book chat is on every Friday at 10-10.55am. The chat is based around 10 questions which are generated from the story. Also each week tasks are posted for the kids to complete and they share them during the chat. 

Chapter Chat was originated by Stephen Baker and is currently run by Stephen and Mark Lorenzen. Stephen runs the Y5/6 version and Mark runs the Y3/4 version.

If you are interested in joining Chapter Chat just send an email to Stephen at stephen@russellst.school.nz or Mark at marklo@wellsford.school.nz. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. this seems such fun - i'm heading to a year 2/3 class after teaching year 7/8 for 10 years .... this could be too difficult for them, not sure yet ... but i am meant to be collaborating with our year 4/5 teacher with a MLE, so I'll share with her, and see what she thinks :) Keep up the inspiring work - such fun!