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Chapter Chat 8 - Y3/4 - W1: Tasks and Questions

Chapter Chat 8 Year 3/4 Week 1 Tasks and Questions
Week 1- 1st May – 5th May
Chapters 1-3
TASKS - Choose from any of the following:
  1. Draw Matilda in one of her new worlds she travels to when reading a book - e.g on the olden sailing ship, in Africa or in India. What will you draw with her?
2. Research facts about a chosen country from the given continent and create a presentation to the class.
3. Matilda reads 'The Secret Garden', 'Great Expectations' and many other famous books. Can you find out more about these stories and their authors?
4. WRITING TASK: Matilda loves reading. What is your favourite book? Could you write a review of it to tell other people about it?
5. HANDS ON TASKS: Make a picture book story about your country or a country of your choice.
6. The story begins with school reports about different children. Write your own school report or a report for another imaginary child?
7. Pretend you have a hat stuck to your head all day. Can you last all day with it on? Write about the experience or take a photo!
8. Matilda visits the library regularly to find new books to read. Visit your school or local library and see what services it offers. Make a poster to advertise your library?
9. VOCABULARY TASK: Define the meaning of the following words from the text: genius, twaddle, delve, nimble, gormless, mooch, diddled, tremendous, platinum
IMG_3161.JPG10. SCIENCE: Mr Wormwood gets a hat stuck on his head with Superglue. Find out about glue and how it works. Investigate different types of glue and the materials that they are best for sticking together. Record your findings.
11. Mr Wormwood is a car salesman. Make up a guide book containing his secrets (and some extras) to selling used cars. What creative ways can you think of?
12. Play a game of Bingo - the game Mrs Wormwood plays. Take a photo of it.
13. MINECRAFT TASK - Create Matilda reading books in the library. Add as much detail as possible!

  1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week? Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.
  2. How is Matilda different to other children?
  3. What does Matilda do on afternoons when she is left alone at home?
  4. What is Matilda’s favourite book from the children’s section of the library?
  5. Why does Matilda read so many books, do you think? Give at least two reasons.
  6. If you were to recommend a book to Matilda what book would it be? Explain your answer.
  7. What does Mr Wormwood do that Matilda thinks is dishonest?
  8. What sort of dinners do the family eat?
  9. How does the hat effect Matilda’s father’s sleep?
  10. Do you think Matilda’s father deserves what happens to him? Do you like the story so far?

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