Thursday, 13 April 2017

Chapter Chat 8 - Y5/6 - Reading Schedule

Hey everyone, here's the reading schedule for Chapter Chat 8, Y5/6. This Chapter Chat starts in Week 1 of Term 2 and runs for 7 weeks. 

The book we are reading is 'Ms Bixby's Last Day' by John Anderson.

Week 1, 1-5th May, Page 1 to half way through page 48

Week 2, 8-12th May, Half way through page 48 to page 95

Week 3, 15-19th May, Page 96 to half way through page 141

Week 4, 22-26th May, Half way through page 141 to page 181

Week 5, 29-2nd June, Page 182 to half way through page 223 

Week 6, 5-9th June, Half way through page 223 to page 260

Week 7, 12-16th June, Page 261 to page 300 

There are no actual chapter numbers in 'Ms Bixby's Last Day' so I have split the book into pages. 

The chapters they do have are quite long so I have had to also split these up. If a week's reading finished half way through a page you should see where it finishes by the change of paragraph.

I have timed the pages and it will take about 10 mins a day, 4 days a week. 

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