Thursday, 16 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7 - Y3/4 - W6 Tasks & Questions

Week 6 - 20th - 24th March - Chapters 21-25

TASKS- Choose from any of the following:

1. Pretend you have visited Castle Glower as a special guest of Celie’s and design a postcard to send to a friend.

2. Design a new book cover for 'Tuesdays at the Castle'. Make sure to write a blurb to go with it!

3. HANDS ON TASKS: Make a short movie or i-movie trailer advertising the book.

4. Make lego catapults, possibly using lego for the outside of Castle Glower.

5. Make her father’s crown. Take a photo of you wearing it!

6.  VOCABULARY TASK: Find the meaning for the following words- dithered pg173, treacherous pg174, winch pg 175, tarnished pg177, buckled pg177, abruptly pg181, realm pg181, serrated pg182, retorted pg187, contemplate pg190, plummeting pg198, knapsack pg200, betray, pg206, moat, pg207, sconce pg213, crenellations pg215, plume pg222.

7. Design a new way out of the spyglass tower

8. Design the new secret way out that Cook would have to take, with the hidden passage and side gates

9. RESEARCH the author Jessica Day George. What other books has she written?

10. ART TASKS: Draw the hamper, the mirror and the wand.

11. Draw Celie with the bundles of food tied around her waist ready to go back to the tower.
12. Draw the flag of Sleyne, use the clues from the story to get the colour and background correct.
MINECRAFT TASK: Design the castle corridors.

1. Can you please share any tasks you have completed this week. Try and leave a comment on someone else's creation.
2. Why did Celie order all the servants to be dismissed? What would this do?
3. Why was their total chaos in the kitchen? Why was Cook rocking back and forth?
4. Why did the author write this book? What are the main themes of the story? What did you learn from them?
5. The cook said nothing can defeat Castle Glower. Was she right? Explain your answer.
6. Who was Rolf’s heir? Why was Celie surprised? 
7. Would you like to live in an intelligent house like Castle Glower? What would you like the castle or house to do for you?
8. Where had her parents and Bran been? What had protected them?
9. Celie felt calm as though the stones of the castle were giving her strength. How might they be giving her this strength?
10. Did you like the way the story ends? Did you enjoy the story? What score do you give this book out of 10? Why?

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