Thursday, 9 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7 Year 3/4 Week 5 Tasks and Questions

Week 5- 13th - 17th March - Chapters 17-20

1. RESEARCH: Investigate castle coat of arms. Draw what you think the Glower coat of arms might look like.
2. Interview one of the characters using the Puppet Pals app. Write at least 5 questions to ask.

3. HANDS ON TASKS: Make a diorama about the story so far!

4. Make the black bottle that Prince Khelsh pulled out of his robe and put the instructions on the front.

5. Plan a practical joke that you could carry out on someone. Either write it down or make a short video acting it out
6. ART TASK: Lulath looked like a ‘limp fur mutt’. Draw what you think a limp fur mutt looks like.
7. WRITING TASKS: Lulath offered to write a letter to Prince Khelsh’s father telling him what Khelsh was up to. Write the letter for him.
8. Write 5 questions you could ask the author. Pretend you are the author and answer your questions.
9. VOCABULARY TASK: Find the meaning for the following words- immaculate pg136, coiffed pg136, impeccably pg136, silhouette pg140, tunic pg 142, indignant pg149, diabolical pg152, perplexed pg154, guilelessly pg154, bellowed pg 155, succession pg155, demure pg 156, mayhem pg164,

MINECRAFT TASK: Create something from the book on MINECRAFT! Write in words underneath what it is and take a good picture of it.



1. Can you please share any tasks you have completed this week. Try and leave a comment on someone else's creation.

2. What were Lulath’s rooms like when Celie inspected them? What or who did Lulath refer to as ‘my babies’?

3. What scared Khelsh off when he started arguing with Lulath? Were you scared? Why or why not?

4. The children hatched a sneaky plan. What did they plan to do to the clothes of Khelsh, Emissary and Lord Feen?

5. What colour clothing did most of the councilors wear? Do you like this colour? Why or why not?

6. What was Celie planning on doing with the manure?

7. What would the chamber pots be used for? What did Khelsh do with the dust and small black bottle that upset Celie?

8. What was to be used to check the corners of the corridors? 

9. How did Celie and Lilah get stuck in the tower? How did Celie plan to get out of the tower and with what?

10. What do you think Celie and Lilah will do when they get out of the spyglass tower? What do you think will happen next?

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