Thursday, 2 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7 - Year 3/4 - W4 Tasks & Questions

Week 4 - 6th - 10th March - Chapters 13-16

TASKS- Choose from any of the following:
2. Make a movie recreating the coronation scene of Rolf, the new King Glower the eightieth.
3. HANDS ON TASKS: Make some hard biscuits, like the ones Celie eats in the spyglass tower. Bring them into school for everyone to try if they dare! Make an advert for them.
4. Make a model or draw a picture detailing some of the rooms and secret passages in the castle. Add some labels or descriptions to the rooms or passageways.
5. Make/create/design your own spyglass.
6. WRITING TASK: Write a comic strip or story with speech marks, detailing the possible conversation that might have been going on in the throne room between the Council, Prince Kelsh and Rolf.
7. Design the paper that Rolf was being asked to sign.
8. VOCABULARY TASK: Find the meaning for the following words: emissary pg96, commoners pg97, baffled pg99, grimaced pg103, impatient pg103, auras pg104, treason pg117, ambush pg117, burly pg117, squeamish pg117, furrowed pg121, persisted pg124, gristle pg127, shriek pg128, ineffectually pg130, lackeys pg134.
MINECRAFT TASK: Design the room that Prince Lulath lives in. Or alternatively design the throne room.

1. Can you please share any tasks you have completed this week. Try and leave a comment on someone else's creation.
2. Rolf gave feathers as a present to the cook. Do you think this was a good reward? Why or why not?

3. Celie wondered what made Castle Glower so special. What do you think makes the castle so special?

4. Pogue returned with his news. Was it good or bad? What was the news?

5. The trail disappeared not far from the ambush sight. If the king, Queen and Bran were alive where do you think they might be?

6. Rolf announced that his parents were still alive. Do you think that was a good decision? Why or why not?

7. What was the only food that Celie and Lilah could eat in the spyglass tower? What was the terrible new thing that Prince Khelsh had done?

8. Who did Celie want to spy on next? Why?

9. How did everyone find out the news that their parents were alive, who would have spread the news around? What did the castle think of Lulath? How do you know?

10. Why do you think Lulath was happy to see Celie? What do you think is going to happen next?

NON Twitter questions (Extras)
Celie asked the castle to show her Kelsh’s rooms. When she got there, she discovered what the castle thought of Kelsh. Did the castle like Kelsh or not? How do you know?

The Councilors, Emissary and Khelsh were all angry when Rolf refused to sign the paper. Why did he not sign the paper?

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