Thursday, 30 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7B - W2 - Tasks & Questions

W2 - Chapters 14-30

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART: Make a poster, book cover or trailer advertising the story.

2. Draw a picture of Mrs Jewls or Louis the yard teacher or the three Eric's together. Describe them underneath your picture. Or even better draw a picture of the whole class. Try to get everyone in their correct seat.

3. Make an inspirational poster with the quote, "You need a reason to be sad. You don't need a reason to be happy!"

4. Make some upside down writing for John to read. Or get your whole class to stand on their heads to read the board!

5. RESEARCH: Research the author Louis Sachar. What other books has he written? (WE LOVE HOLES) Present your information in a poster, slideshow or video.

6. HANDS-ON: Have a game of kickball in your class! or make a 1 minute Skit about one of the chapters.

7. WRITING TASK: If there was a 19th story and a Miss Zarves, write about what she and her classroom would be like. Or write about what you would do if you came to school on a Saturday and you were the only person there.

8. MINECRAFT TASK: Create anything you want from the story. It could be Mrs Gorf, Louis, the classroom, an apple, the playground, the hopscotch court, the blackboard with the word DISCIPLINE on it, upside down words...

Twitter Chat Questions

Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. What was DeeDee's problem? Can you think of another way she could have solved her problem?

3. Why was D.J so happy? What are some things that make you happy?

4. What was John's first problem? What was his new problem? Which is worst? How could he solve the second problem?

5. Why did Leslie want to get rid of her toes? Can you think of any more reasons to keep them?

How is Kathy “Right all the time but still wrong”.

7. Do you think it was good that all three Eric's had nicknames? Why? 
Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?

8. What does “Terrence was a good athlete but a bad sport” mean? How can you be a good sport?

9. Do you think the kids should have been allowed to change their names? Do you like your name? If you could change it what would you pick?

10. Did you enjoy the story? Did you like the way it ended? What score do you give this book out of 10? Why? Who was your favourite character in the story? Why did you like them?

Chapter Chat 7B - Week 1

Thanks everyone for taking part in today's Chapter Chat. Considering I was not going to do a Chapter Chat for this book it was great to be able to share it with over 50 classes around NZ.

Anyway here are a few tasks that stood out for me today!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7B - W1 - Tasks & Questions

W1 - Chapters 1-13

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART - Draw or create Wayside School! Even better get your teacher to allow you to do some special art for it!

2. Pick one of the characters introduced so far in the story and draw a picture of them. Write underneath why you picked them.

3. Make a acoustic poem using the letters W A Y S I D E  S C H O O L

4. Make a Kahoot with at least 20 questions about the story. 

5. Create your very own flavour of Ice-Cream. What's in it? What does it look like? What are you going to call it? Or make a poster with a funny joke! Is it better than Rondi's?

6. HANDS-ON: Create Mrs Jewl's DISCIPLINE board. Be sure to put some names on it!

7. WRITING TASK: Pretend you are a new student at Wayside School. Write about your first day. Or c
reate your own character in the class and write a made up chapter. What happened in your chapter?

8. MINECRAFT TASK: Create Wayside School on Minecraft! 

Twitter Chat Questions

Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. Todd tells the robbers, "Knowledge is more valuable than money." Do you agree? Why?

3. Mrs Jewl tells Bebe and Calvin that art is judged on quality, not quantity. Is she right? Why?

4. In the first paragraph it says: “Other presidents were good speakers. Myron was even better, h
e was a good listener” Do you think it is more important to be a good speaker or a good listener? Why? 

5. Would an ice cream flavour based on a person be a good idea? Why or why not? What ice-cream flavour would you be?

6. What was Calvin confused about? Is there anything that your teacher has gotten you to do that confused you?

7. What was Paul's temptation? Did he give in to it? Have you ever overcome a temptation?

8. Do you think it is a good idea to send kids home early when they have been naughty? What would your parents say if you got sent home early from school?

9. What do you think of Mrs Jewl? Would you like to have her as a teacher?

10. What do you think of Wayside School? Would you like to go there? What do you think will happen next?

Chapter Chat 7 - Y5/6 - Feedback

Hey everyone, here's a FEEDBACK form for the Y5/6 Chapter Chat HOLES.

Can you please fill it out, it will only take minutes. Thanks, Stephen.


Chapter Chat 7 - Y5/6 - W7

Thanks everyone for taking part in Chapter Chat 7 'Holes'. Hopefully you enjoyed the book and also enjoyed being part of Chapter Chat!

Today was the last session for this book and next week we move on to Chapter Chat 7B 'Sideway Stories from Wayside School' again by Louis Sachar.

Anyway here's a few tasks that stood out for me this week.

Chapter Chat 7 - Y3/4 - Week 6

Thanks everyone for taking part in our final week of Tuesdays at the Castle! We recorded 541 tweets during that session - a super effort indeed!

It was a new book and I'm really pleased that I read it with my class. My class have enjoyed it!

Here are a few tasks that stood out for me this week and as usual there are more on the Chapter Chat Facebook page.

Our next Chapter Chat will be Matilda - beginning Week 1, Term 2, so until then have a great end of term and holiday break and I'll see all those who are back for 6 weeks of Matilda.

Until Week 1 Term 2,
Bye for now, from Mark Lorenzen

Monday, 20 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7B - Reading Schedule

Hey everyone, here's the reading schedule for Chapter Chat 7B! (Term 1, Weeks 9-10) The book we are going to read is 'Sideways Stories from Wayside School' by Louis Sachar.

Week 1, 27-31 March, Chapters 1-13

Week 2, 3-7th April, Chapters 14-30

The chapters are not very long and I envisage it will take about 5-10 minutes a day to get through them.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7: Y5/6, W7 - Tasks & Questions

W7 - Chapters 45-50

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART - Design a new book cover or advertising poster or movie trailer for the book.

2. Holes end of book summary tasks! Take your pick, there are 15 different activities! TWINKL TEMPLATE

3. Holes Book Review. TWINKL TEMPLATE

4. In Holes there are two stories that run parallel to each other. Retell each story. TWINKL TEMPLATE

5. Design an advertising poster for the Foot Odour Cure! TWINKL TEMPLATE

6. RESEARCH - Research the author Louis Sachar. Present your information in a poster, slideshow or video.

7. HANDS ON - Make the treasure/suitcase that Stanley and Zero dug up. 

8. VOCABULARY TASK - Find the meaning for the following words: Suppress p205, Strenuous p210, Indefinitely p222, Justification p222, Neutralises p232.

9. WRITING TASK - Write a letter to Louis Sachar containing your response to his book and any questions you have about it. 

10. MINECRAFT TASK - Create the scene where Stanley and Zero find the treasure.

* BONUS TASK - Watch the Disney movie Holes and eat popcorn!

Twitter Chat Questions

1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. What do you think the warden means when she says ‘Won’t be long now’? Why do the lizards not bite Stanley and Zero? 

3. What amazing discovery does Zero make about the suitcase? How did this come about?

4. What was in the suitcase? How would you spend the money?

5. Who do you think, is the woman fluffing Zero’s hair at the end? Explain?

6. If you were running a camp for young offenders how would you rehabilitate them?

7. How has Stanley changed in the course of the story? Who was your favourite character? Why?

8. The original title of the book was Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Kid. Why do you think it was renamed Holes? Is this a better title? Can you think of a better one?   

9. What are the main themes of the story? What did you learn from them?

10. Did you like the way the story ends? Did you enjoy the story? What score do you give this book out of 10? Why?