Thursday, 16 February 2017

Chapter Chat 7 - Year 3/4, Week 2: Tasks & Questions

Week 2 20th - 24th February, Chapters 5-8

TASKS- Choose from any of the following:
*** Twinkl Tasks for this week download here **** Thanks Twinkl!
1. Draw either the Vhervhish or the Grath ambassador. What do you think they look like? You may want to draw both!

2. Draw a picture of your favourite and least favourite characters. Explain why you like and dislike them. 
3. Make your own Vhervhish phrase book, what are some phrases that your could include? Don’t forget to write the english translation underneath.
4. Draw or make the wax tablet.
5. WRITING TASK: Write a menu for the feast that would feed the guests after the funeral. What dishes, foods will you include?
6.Create a poster, slideshow or movie with at least 10 facts about castles.
7. Make a poster or chart displaying some of the tricky terminology / vocabulary used in the story so far. Perhaps write a sentence for each or draw or write the meaning of each word - e.g mollified.
8.VOCABULARY TASK: Find the meaning for the following words.commoners pg26, vigil pg28, delegations pg31, foibles pg 32, errands pg38, impassioned pg40, brow pg46, pedestal pg46, hearth pg46, wringing pg54, assassination pg56, brusque pg60

MINECRAFT TASK: Design the Spyglass tower room.
1. Can you please share any tasks you have completed this week. Try and leave a comment on someone else's creation.
2. The castle murmured it’s condolences to Celie, Rolf and Lilah. What are condolences and when are they used?
3. The couriers were standing before the dais, what is a dais and why do they exist?
4. Celie thinks that the two ambassadors are trying to take over the castle. Do you think she is right? Why or why not?

5. Why do you think the castle sends Celie up to the Spyglass tower everyday at least once? What could possibly be the attraction of the tower?

6. Rolf is too young to be a king. What age is too young to be a king? Would you like to be a king or Queen? Why or why not?

7. Prince Lulath of Grath does not eat what type of food? What would be a suitable food to serve him? Describe the relationship between Celie and the castle.

8. Celie knew that her Father wasn’t dead. What was the thing that made her realise this in Chapter 7?

9. What was Celie’s favourite hiding place? When you need a quiet place to think where do you go?

10. Why do you think the Spyglass tower room was included by the castle? What do you think will happen next?


BONUS question (Non Twitter)

What had Lilah threatened to do to Celie if she got the new gown dirty?

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