Thursday, 9 February 2017

Chapter Chat 7: Y5/6, W2 - Tasks & Questions

W2 - Chapters 8-15

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART - Draw a picture of a yellow-spotted lizard. Make sure you read the description on pages 41-42. TWINKL TEMPLATE

2. If you attended Camp Green Lake, what nickname would you choose for yourself? Make a poster of your nickname using fancy lettering.

3. In Chapter 11 Stanley talks about how Derrick Dunne used to bully him at school. Discuss bullying in class and then make an anti-bullying poster with advice for others.

4. RESEARCH - The story is set in Texas, USA. Research the weather in Texas and compare it to the weather in NZ. Present your findings in a chart. 

5. HANDS ON - Compare and contrast Stanley and X-Ray. TWINKL TEMPLATE

6. VOCABULARY - Find the meaning for the following words. Predatory p42, Upholstery p44, Intensity p47, Senseless p54, Paranoid p71. 

7. WRITING -  In his letters home, Stanley makes up stories about what he does at Camp Green Lake. Rewrite one of Stanley’s letters, describing how Camp Green Lake really is. Be sure to describe the setting, tell what has happened so far, and include details about at least two of the characters at the camp. TWINKL TEMPLATE

8. MINECRAFT - Create Mr Pendanski and his water truck.

Twitter Chat Questions

1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. Do you think Caveman is a good nickname for Stanley? Why? Did he like it?

3. Do you think it is wise for Stanley to lie to his mother about camp? What would you do if you were in his situation? Why? 

4. Why do the boys always line up for water in the same order? What’s the significance to this order?

5. Why is Mr Pendanski asking the boys what they want to do with their life? What do you want to do with your life?

6. Mr Pendanski tells Stanley, “You messed up your life, and it’s up to you to fix it.” Do you agree with this?

7. What did Stanley find? What does X-Ray ask Stanley to do? Why does Stanley agree to this? What would you have done? 

8. Were you surprised to discover that the Warden is a woman? What else do you find out about the Warden in this chapter?

9. Do you think Zigzag and the other campers are correct in believing that the Warden is always watching them, or are they just being paranoid?

10. What do you think is the real reason the boys are digging holes? What's going to happen next?

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