Wednesday, 21 June 2017

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Chapter Chat 8 - Y5/6 - W7

Thanks everyone for taking part in today's final chapter chat for Ms Bixby's Last Day.

Hopefully you enjoyed the book and got lots out of taking part in Chapter Chat 8.

My class loved the book and can't wait to take part in Chapter Chat 9. The Chapter Chat 9 book gets announced tonight at 7pm on our Facebook Page. I wonder what it is?

Anyway there was so many fab tasks today! Here's a few that stood out!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

CC8 - Y5/6 - W7: Tasks & Questions

W7 - Page 261 to page 300

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART - Draw the picnic scene in the park. 

2. Design a new book cover or advertising poster or movie trailer for the book.

3. Create a list of all of the Bixbyisms included in the book. Which is your favourite? Why? Which do you think could serve as a theme for the book?

4. Create a book review for the story. TWINKL TEMPLATE Or complete a Character Key Competencies activity. TWINKL TEMPLATE

5. RESEARCH - Research the author John Anderson. Present your information in a poster, slideshow or video. Or research Atticus Finch. Why is this character so special?

6. HANDS-ON - Have a class party to celebrate Ms Bixby. Remember to have cheesecake, music and juice (not wine!)
7. WRITING - Imagine you had only one day left on earth. What would you do with it? 

8. VOCABULARY - Find the meaning of the following words: Inquisitive, Preemptive, Admonishing, Anticlimactic, Obituary.
9. MAKERSPACE (Anyway you want! Minecraft, model, 3D print....) - Make a headstone for Ms Bixby.

Twitter Chat Questions

1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

When Topher talks about slaying the dragon what is he referring to? Do you have any dragons you would like to slay?

3. Why did the boys find it so hard to look at Ms Bixby in the hospital bed? How do you think Ms Bixby felt when the boys took her to the park? 

4. How did you feel when Ms Bixby died? How did the boys take it?

5. Where do you think the boys were going for dessert? What things would they remember about Ms Bixby?

6. How have the boys changed throughout the mission? Do you think life changed for the boys after Ms Bixby died? Why do you think this?

7. Did Ms Bixby get what she wanted for her last day on earth? Explain?

Why do you think John Anderson chose to tell the story using three characters instead of one?

9. What are the main themes of the story? What did you learn from them?

10. Did you enjoy the story? What score do you give this book out of 10? Why?

Chapter Chat 8 - Y5/6 - W6

Thanks everyone for taking part in Chapter Chat today. Hopefully you are enjoying the book and are looking forward to seeing what happens next week!

Here are the tasks that stood out for me today!

Friday, 2 June 2017

Chapter Chat 8 - Y3/4 - W6: Tasks and Questions

5th June – 9th June
Chapters 19-21
The Practice - A New Home
TASKS - Choose from any of the following:
Twinkl Tasks:
  1. Draw Matilda making the chalk write on the blackboard.
2. Mr and Mrs Wormwood have written a postcard to Matilda and Miss Honey now that they are safely in another country. What do they say in the postcard?
3. Do you think Matilda was right to scare Miss Trunchbull at the end of the novel? Write reasons for and against scaring Miss Trunchbull.
4. Pretend that you have been selected to write a sequel to this story. Write a short summary of the sequel. Include information about the sequel’s plot, setting and main characters.
5. Matilda practises her special powers before 'the third miracule'. Write about what you have had to practice in order to get better at.
6. Group or independent activity. Each child takes on a role. These can be: - The Judge. - The Jury (12 children.) - The defendant: Mr Wormwood. - Mr Wormwood’s lawyer. - The witnesses to give statements: Miss Honey, Matilda, Michael. - Other characters as necessary – car dealers, buyers, car thieves, and so on. • The children representing characters prepare statements and arguments. The Judge and Jury prepare questions to ask each character. Run the court case scene through improvisation. The Jury give their verdict. Take a photo or video it!
7. Watch this video broadcast with Quentin Blake (the illustrator of the images in this story) which gives information about his life and his work. Can you draw pictures in a similar style to him?
8. VOCABULARY TASK: Define the meaning of the following words from the text: ethereal, summon, colossal, apprehensive, impertinent, blithering, flustered, mangled, hysterical, shrill, matron, enquire, solicitors. lousy, stowing, consent.
9. A detective visits Miss Honey’s house one day to interview her in connection with the mysterious disappearance of the Wormwood family, except for their daughter, Matilda. In groups, role play the interview. What will happen next? Will Matilda cover for her father or tell the truth? Take a photo or video it!
10. MINE CRAFT TASK - Create the final scene where the parents leave and Matilda is with Miss Honey. Add as much detail as possible!
BONUS TASK ** Watch the DVD of Matilda and eat popcorn! Compare the book with the movie version. Which version do you prefer? Why?
Note: The musical ‘Matilda’ is coming to Auckland in Term 3. Information has already been sent out regarding ticket prices, etc.

  1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week? Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.
  2. Where are Matilda’s family when she returns?
  3. What could Matilda make happen in her room?
  4. Why do you think Matilda spends so much time practising her magic?
  5. What does Miss Trunchbull test the class on when she visits on Thursday?
  6. What are the themes in this story? Why do you think the author wrote Matilda?
  7. Do you think anything will change as a result of Matilda’s miracle? Explain your answer.
  8. Why did Matilda’s parents want to leave for Spain?
  9. If you were in Miss Honey’s position would you want to look after Matilda? Explain your answer.
  10. How do you think Matilda’s life will change when she lives with Miss Honey?
  11. Did you like the ending of the novel? Give reasons for your answer.

Join us again for Chapter Chat 9 in Term 3! An announcement will be made in one week's time at the end of Week 7.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

CC8 - Y5/6 - W6: Tasks & Questions

W6 - Half way through page 223 to page 260

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART - Pretend you are Topher and draw his picture of the spider and its web. Or draw a picture of the hospital. TWINKL TEMPLATE

2. Make a carer advert for Brand's dad. TWINKL TEMPLATE 

3. Pretend you are Ms Bixby and write the note she put in Susanna Given's desk. What did she write? Display in a poster. Or make the bumper sticker on Mx Bixby's car that says 'I love Brains'! What does that mean?

4. RESEARCH - Research Saints. Is there really 10,000? Is there one for your name? Or research Ms Bixby's favourite band 'The Rolling Stones'.

5. HANDS-ON - Pretend you are Brand and make his shopping list. TWINKL TEMPLATE Or make your own special folder with your important stuff in it. Present to the class.
6. WRITING - Pretend you are one of the boys and write about your adventure so far.

7. VOCABULARY - Find the meaning of the following words: Exacerbate, Outlandish, Instinctively, Woozy, Splurged.

8. MAKERSPACE (Anyway you want! Minecraft, model, 3D print....) - Create Ms Bixby's bottom drawer. Or make St Mary's hospital.

Twitter Chat Questions

1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

Why do you think Ms Bixby saved Topher's drawings and Susanna's poems? Explain? If Ms Bixby had a folder with your name on it, what would be inside it?

3. How do you think Topher felt when he found out that Ms Bixby saved his drawings? Do you think it would change the way he looked at his pictures?

4. Ms Bixby said, "Don't ever think you're not good enough." Do you think she is correct? Do you think being confident is important?

5. Why did Steve say he wouldn't be able to take it if Topher found a new best friend? Why are Steve and Topher so important to each other? 

6. Why did the boys think they should be going through the ER entrance at the hospital? Have you ever been to hospital?

7. Why was Brand's Friday meetings with Ms Bixby so important to him? Why do you think Ms Bixby did it?

8. Why was Ms Bixby such a great teacher? How did her childhood help make her a great teacher?

9. What do you think Ms Bixby said to Brand in the hospital before he went to his dad?

10. Why do you think the voice in Ms Bixby's room doesn't sound familiar? What do you think will happen next?

Chapter Chat 8 - Y5/6 - W5

Thanks everyone for taking part in Chapter Chat today. I was on teacher only day today and it was great seeing 10 kids from my class tweet from home.

Also it was cool to see that one class has skyped with the author this week. How cool is that?

Anyway there were lots of fab tweets and tasks shared. Here's a few that stood out for me! These are amazing!