Tuesday, 25 April 2017

CC8 - Y5/6 - W1: Tasks & Questions

W1 - Page 1 to half way through page 48

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART - Draw a detailed picture of Ms Bixby. Write a school report of her to go with it. TWINKL TEMPLATE

2. Make a poster showing the six type of teachers in the world. Can you think of 4 more? TWINKL TEMPLATE

3. Brand likes to make up words of his own (Tunk, Flipwad, Bixbyisms). Make up some words of your own. Display them with some fancy lettering.

4. RESEARCH - Steve is full of facts and figures. Research some of Steve's facts to see if they are real (Hornets can sting multiple times as they have smooth stingers). Even better, discover some facts of your own! Or make up a poster with at least 20 countries and their capital city's. 

5. HANDS-ON - Interview your favourite teacher. Sample questions can include: What inspired you to be a teacher? What is the best part of your job? What is the worst part of your job? What do you hope to achieve by being a teacher? When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? If you could have another job for a day, what would it be?

6. WRITING - Pretend you are in Ms Bixby's class and respond to one of her writing prompts. Describe a time when you discovered something surprising about yourself or tell me about a person you admire or pick a new flavour of bubble gum that you think nobody would ever want to chew and then write an ad for it.

7. VOCABULARY - Find the meaning of the following words: Contemplating, Epidemics, Masquerading, Convoy, Notoriously. TWINKL TEMPLATE

8. MAKERSPACE (Anyway you want! Minecraft, model, 3D print....) - Make Steve's red honourable mention ribbon.

Twitter Chat Questions

1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

What did you think of Topher's six types of teachers? Which one did you like the best? Why?
3. Topher's parents were believers in 'Maximising invested family time'. What fun things do you do with your family? 

4. How does Ms Bixby handle the Cooties situation? How does her response place her in 'The Good Ones' category? 

5. What is a Bixbyism? Can you share any affirmations that you know or like?

6. How did everyone take the news of Ms Bixby's diagnosis? How did you feel? Why did Steve want to look up Ms Bixby's diagnosis? 

7. Why did Steve smile when he heard his sister growl and bang on her keys? Do you have a sibling? What are they like?

8. Why are Topher, Steve and Brand friends? Which one do you identify with the most?

Why did the boys want to visit Ms Bixby? What makes her so special? 

10. What do you think of the story so far? What do you think will happen next?

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Chapter Chat 8 - Y5/6 - Reading Schedule

Hey everyone, here's the reading schedule for Chapter Chat 8, Y5/6. This Chapter Chat starts in Week 1 of Term 2 and runs for 7 weeks. 

The book we are reading is 'Ms Bixby's Last Day' by John Anderson.

Week 1, 1-5th May, Page 1 to half way through page 48

Week 2, 8-12th May, Half way through page 48 to page 95

Week 3, 15-19th May, Page 96 to half way through page 141

Week 4, 22-26th May, Half way through page 141 to page 181

Week 5, 29-2nd June, Page 182 to half way through page 223 

Week 6, 5-9th June, Half way through page 223 to page 260

Week 7, 12-16th June, Page 261 to page 300 

There are no actual chapter numbers in 'Ms Bixby's Last Day' so I have split the book into pages. 

The chapters they do have are quite long so I have had to also split these up. If a week's reading finished half way through a page you should see where it finishes by the change of paragraph.

I have timed the pages and it will take about 10 mins a day, 4 days a week. 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Chapter Chat 7B - Week 2

Thanks everyone for taking part in Chapter Chat 7B! Hopefully you and your students have enjoyed the book.

Today was the last Chapter Chat for the term. It's been a blast as usual and I look forward to seeing everyone back next term for 'Matilda' and 'Ms Bixby's Last Day'.

Here's a few tasks that stood out for me today!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Chapter Chat 8 - Y3/4 - W1: Tasks and Questions

Chapter Chat 8 Year 3/4 Week 1 Tasks and Questions
Week 1- 1st May – 5th May
Chapters 1-3
IMG_3162.JPGThe Reader of Books - The Hat and the Superglue
TASKS - Choose from any of the following:
  1. Draw Matilda in one of her new worlds she travels to when reading a book - e.g on the olden sailing ship, in Africa or in India. What will you draw with her?
2. Research facts about a chosen country from the given continent and create a presentation to the class.
3. Matilda reads 'The Secret Garden', 'Great Expectations' and many other famous books. Can you find out more about these stories and their authors?
4. WRITING TASK: Matilda loves reading. What is your favourite book? Could you write a review of it to tell other people about it?
5. HANDS ON TASKS: Make a picture book story about your country or a country of your choice.
6. The story begins with school reports about different children. Write your own school report or a report for another imaginary child?
7. Pretend you have a hat stuck to your head all day. Can you last all day with it on? Write about the experience or take a photo!
8. Matilda visits the library regularly to find new books to read. Visit your school or local library and see what services it offers. Make a poster to advertise your library?
9. VOCABULARY TASK: Define the meaning of the following words from the text: genius, twaddle, delve, nimble, gormless, mooch, diddled, tremendous, platinum
IMG_3161.JPG10. SCIENCE: Mr Wormwood gets a hat stuck on his head with Superglue. Find out about glue and how it works. Investigate different types of glue and the materials that they are best for sticking together. Record your findings.
11. Mr Wormwood is a car salesman. Make up a guide book containing his secrets (and some extras) to selling used cars. What creative ways can you think of?
12. Play a game of Bingo - the game Mrs Wormwood plays. Take a photo of it.
13. MINECRAFT TASK - Create Matilda reading books in the library. Add as much detail as possible!

  1. Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week? Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.
  2. How is Matilda different to other children?
  3. What does Matilda do on afternoons when she is left alone at home?
  4. What is Matilda’s favourite book from the children’s section of the library?
  5. Why does Matilda read so many books, do you think? Give at least two reasons.
  6. If you were to recommend a book to Matilda what book would it be? Explain your answer.
  7. What does Mr Wormwood do that Matilda thinks is dishonest?
  8. What sort of dinners do the family eat?
  9. How does the hat effect Matilda’s father’s sleep?
  10. Do you think Matilda’s father deserves what happens to him? Do you like the story so far?

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7B - W2 - Tasks & Questions

W2 - Chapters 14-30

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART: Make a poster, book cover or trailer advertising the story.

2. Draw a picture of Mrs Jewls or Louis the yard teacher or the three Eric's together. Describe them underneath your picture. Or even better draw a picture of the whole class. Try to get everyone in their correct seat.

3. Make an inspirational poster with the quote, "You need a reason to be sad. You don't need a reason to be happy!"

4. Make some upside down writing for John to read. Or get your whole class to stand on their heads to read the board!

5. RESEARCH: Research the author Louis Sachar. What other books has he written? (WE LOVE HOLES) Present your information in a poster, slideshow or video.

6. HANDS-ON: Have a game of kickball in your class! or make a 1 minute Skit about one of the chapters.

7. WRITING TASK: If there was a 19th story and a Miss Zarves, write about what she and her classroom would be like. Or write about what you would do if you came to school on a Saturday and you were the only person there.

8. MINECRAFT TASK: Create anything you want from the story. It could be Mrs Gorf, Louis, the classroom, an apple, the playground, the hopscotch court, the blackboard with the word DISCIPLINE on it, upside down words...

Twitter Chat Questions

Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. What was DeeDee's problem? Can you think of another way she could have solved her problem?

3. Why was D.J so happy? What are some things that make you happy?

4. What was John's first problem? What was his new problem? Which is worst? How could he solve the second problem?

5. Why did Leslie want to get rid of her toes? Can you think of any more reasons to keep them?

How is Kathy “Right all the time but still wrong”.

7. Do you think it was good that all three Eric's had nicknames? Why? 
Do you have a nickname? How did you get it?

8. What does “Terrence was a good athlete but a bad sport” mean? How can you be a good sport?

9. Do you think the kids should have been allowed to change their names? Do you like your name? If you could change it what would you pick?

10. Did you enjoy the story? Did you like the way it ended? What score do you give this book out of 10? Why? Who was your favourite character in the story? Why did you like them?

Chapter Chat 7B - Week 1

Thanks everyone for taking part in today's Chapter Chat. Considering I was not going to do a Chapter Chat for this book it was great to be able to share it with over 50 classes around NZ.

Anyway here are a few tasks that stood out for me today!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Chapter Chat 7B - W1 - Tasks & Questions

W1 - Chapters 1-13

TASKS - Choose from the following

1. ART - Draw or create Wayside School! Even better get your teacher to allow you to do some special art for it!

2. Pick one of the characters introduced so far in the story and draw a picture of them. Write underneath why you picked them.

3. Make a acoustic poem using the letters W A Y S I D E  S C H O O L

4. Make a Kahoot with at least 20 questions about the story. 

5. Create your very own flavour of Ice-Cream. What's in it? What does it look like? What are you going to call it? Or make a poster with a funny joke! Is it better than Rondi's?

6. HANDS-ON: Create Mrs Jewl's DISCIPLINE board. Be sure to put some names on it!

7. WRITING TASK: Pretend you are a new student at Wayside School. Write about your first day. Or c
reate your own character in the class and write a made up chapter. What happened in your chapter?

8. MINECRAFT TASK: Create Wayside School on Minecraft! 

Twitter Chat Questions

Can you please share any tasks that you have completed this week. Try and leave a reply on someone else's creation.

2. Todd tells the robbers, "Knowledge is more valuable than money." Do you agree? Why?

3. Mrs Jewl tells Bebe and Calvin that art is judged on quality, not quantity. Is she right? Why?

4. In the first paragraph it says: “Other presidents were good speakers. Myron was even better, h
e was a good listener” Do you think it is more important to be a good speaker or a good listener? Why? 

5. Would an ice cream flavour based on a person be a good idea? Why or why not? What ice-cream flavour would you be?

6. What was Calvin confused about? Is there anything that your teacher has gotten you to do that confused you?

7. What was Paul's temptation? Did he give in to it? Have you ever overcome a temptation?

8. Do you think it is a good idea to send kids home early when they have been naughty? What would your parents say if you got sent home early from school?

9. What do you think of Mrs Jewl? Would you like to have her as a teacher?

10. What do you think of Wayside School? Would you like to go there? What do you think will happen next?

Chapter Chat 7 - Y5/6 - Feedback

Hey everyone, here's a FEEDBACK form for the Y5/6 Chapter Chat HOLES.

Can you please fill it out, it will only take minutes. Thanks, Stephen.


Chapter Chat 7 - Y5/6 - W7

Thanks everyone for taking part in Chapter Chat 7 'Holes'. Hopefully you enjoyed the book and also enjoyed being part of Chapter Chat!

Today was the last session for this book and next week we move on to Chapter Chat 7B 'Sideway Stories from Wayside School' again by Louis Sachar.

Anyway here's a few tasks that stood out for me this week.